Adrian character designs

Through research and sketches documented in my sketchbook, I have developed a culture based on a mix of fictional, historical and current resources that includes physical appearance and clothing that acts as a representation of the context behind my project. This is a hugely helpful resource for designing characters and allows me to reveal information about… Continue reading Adrian character designs


  I have found many images showing the devastation of recent floodings. I compiled some of these into this collage.  these images Will be useful when coming to designing the animation as they will keep my art rooted in reality. From studying these pictures along with others I have taken note on designing a foreground midground and background. The… Continue reading Inspiration

Visuals + client feedback

From the thumbnails I created, I went on to start designing variant logos to put forward to the Skylark board. I took inspiration from the simple design of the Yokoland logo, which is a bird-like creature encased in a circle much like some of the designs I had drawn out previously. The first piece of feedback I was given from the… Continue reading Visuals + client feedback

Initial character sketches

I quickly sketched thumbnails of what my animation might look like, although I hadn’t designed the characters yet I had an idea of what they should look like aesthetically and used this to create these images. I found this article by Pixar talking about the character design process within their company, there was loads of useful information.… Continue reading Initial character sketches