Throughout this project, I have experimented with artforms that have tested my skills as an artist going forward I can use what I’ve learned in future projects. I have also worked to become more disciplined in working towards goals I have achieved this through detailed time plans this is something I had hoped to achieve as… Continue reading Evaluation


since the start of animating I have developed the style in which I draw backgrounds immensely, the influence the research I did at the start helped form depth in my work and pushed me to experiment with the style of the backgrounds while staying within time constraints. the difference in detail in the first and… Continue reading Backgrounds

The Reward

The Reward is an animated series created by a small animation company called Sun Creatures, each animation they have made relate to each other through the world which it’s based and the hunt for treasure the character and plot changes each time to show different places in the world. this animation has inspired my work… Continue reading The Reward