Making this game from nothing was much harder than I had thought it would be, every single movement and object had to be programmed and even though construct 2 isn’t just plain code it’s very close to it, was very difficult to get to grips with as I have not done loads of coding… Continue reading evaluation


Nitrome is a London based independent game development company who create simple online flash games  as well as games for mobiles. they create a new game almost every month and in total have published over 100 games, Nitrome was foundered in 2005 by matt annal and Heather Stancliffe, Heather Stancliffe left Nitrome in 2010 to pursue a different career. One of… Continue reading Nitrome


Patrick McHale & Over the Garden Wall Patrick McHale is an American animator, storyboard artist and writer. he worked on Adventure Time as a creative director and writer for the first 5 seasons and then went on to create an Emmy award-winning mini-series Over the Garden Wall. He made some beautiful watercolour concept art that shows really easily what the… Continue reading artists