Project evaluation

For a while, I’ve had a fascination with the story of Atlantis, the story of a great city flooded and lost. This fascination drew me to the subject of flooding and how these ancient tales still connect to current events. for this project I wanted to study this, however, I felt it was important to move away from the fantasy element and create a project based on the reality of destruction caused by flooding around the world.

One of the main reasons I wanted to focus on this subject and more specifically Puerto Rico and Bangladesh was because of the lack of coverage in those areas. The more research I did the more I became aware of the seriousness of the situation. In both places, people relayed majorly on their family and friends over the government or any charity for support. This is what drove me to work on this project.

Throughout this project, I haven’t found the need to research artists. I found it easy to pull inspiration from photography and videos over art its self. I quickly chose not to force artist research when it wasn’t needed.

In this project, I have managed to closely stick to my time plan. In my previous project, I failed to do so and it was my downfall. Sticking to a time plan is the only way for me to keep my projects going especially longer projects. for my FMP I want to make sure I not only have a realistic timeplan but one that has enough detail and tasks to keep me from getting lazy. I would also like to document my progress better with weekly updates.

The only real regret I have for this project is I wish I could have had more time to experiment with different software. I spent hours trying to use Microsoft animate to no avail. the software had not been what I was used to which forced me to fall back on more familiar software.


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