How media reports on different events dramatically affect how they are seen and how the situation is handled. Puerto Rico and Bangladesh have both suffered from lack of coverage and lack of funds. and with the disasters in both places being so devastating it’s hard to determine how much of the damage is from the flooding and what is caused by both places being put under the radar and not being treated as seriously as other natural disasters in more well-known places such as Texas.

Thankfully there is an alternative. when traditional media fails social media exists as a voice for those who are suffering and this is clearly shown by the amount videos, tweets. and posts about their own experience in Puerto Rico during the hurricane. I went through many of these videos on youtube which shone a light on the reality not only the damage the storm caused as it passed through but of the damage that is still in place and affecting people to this day months after the hurricane. this is highly due to how much this incident has been downplayed by the media and people in the American government.

I used youtube to compile a collection of videos created by individuals and organizations about the hurricane which took a hands-on approach to the incident. these videos have helped me to visualize how the disaster could be draw and animated.


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