Skylark needs a recognizable, clear, and flexible font. It needs to match the down to earth style of the brand and work in a variety of situations. for the most part, hand written and printed text would work for titles, looking approachable and creative. I texted out different ways of writing “Skylark” to give myself an idea of how this could look. text can be written out on paper and then altered digitally to fit the task at hand however it’s also easy enough to write in a similar style with a graphics tablet.


Obviously, a handwritten font wouldn’t work for body text so I had to choose a font for this use. A lecturer advised me on using a serif font and found a selection that he thought would be fitting of my brand.

serif fonts for skylark

Didot stood out to me. the extremely fine edge looked stylish and the serif pointed forward instead of straight down made it standout.


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