Lino print test

I wanted to design a draft version of the posters for skylark. naturally, I had to use the materials that were available to me, which is what decided that the final piece would be lino printed rather than screen printed.

I made thumbnails which I then used to create two distinctive designs that I would then use for these prints.

poster thumbnaisthumbnmail p


I chose to make two different prints at once playing with different elements of my style and the branding. the one on the left I went for a more direct connection to the brand than the right print. I chose to make the shapes of the rocks simple and abstract which is different from the right print which I wanted to make look more natural using the layers to create a gradient was one of my techniques to create this rough look. In the end, the right print ended up being generally more liked by the skylark board and myself the style is more approachable for older generations and easier to recognize for people who live in the area.

From this exercise, I took note on thing I could improve on for the final piece.

  • Make sure the corners have printed equally to the rest of the print.
  • Don’t use more ink than is needed
  • The ink can collect around smaller parts of the lino block and leave an ugly outline
  • Measure the print and place in the exact center
  • The more patterns the better

I was also told by the skylark board that I should incorporate more colours into the prints at the green on its own looks grim.


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