Ciara Phillips

IMG_20171018_154911A large part of my project is based around printmaking; this is an art form I have wanted more experience with for a while and the bold statement handprinted posters give of is something that has been used to the advantage of business and cause.  Seeing  Ciara Phillip’s exhibition at Plymouth arts centre made me think about the effect of posters and what they represent.

Ciara Phillip’s exhibition used a mix of screen printing, painting and other mark-making techniques to create an eye-catching array of chaotic images many using the same format as typical posters. Each piece created was consistent in vibrant colours and many searched the same screen prints, however, each was incorporated in a different way. the mix of rough painted lines alongside the clean edges of the screen prints worked together through their differences keeping with the theme of collaboration that surrounded the exhibition. I want to replicate the mix of textures in my own posters. Dartmoor is a varied landscape and replicating the different terrain with printmaking is something I will have to consider.IMG_20171018_155111

Ciara P 2017 screen print, We the people are the work held at Plymouth arts centre, Plymouth, 22 September 2017 – 18 October 2017.


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