Throughout this project, I have experimented with artforms that have tested my skills as an artist going forward I can use what I’ve learned in future projects. I have also worked to become more disciplined in working towards goals I have achieved this through detailed time plans this is something I had hoped to achieve as I mentioned in my unit 9 targets which don’t only reflect what I wanted to achieve in that project but also what I went to achieve throughout this project.

I have wanted to manage my time better in this project than I have in the past, I have achieved this through thoroughly  planning my time not only day to day but by creating a detailed plan from the start that covered each week which I then adjusted to the circumstances, I made the time plan on a week by week basis so I could have space to change my plan easily if I wanted to do some extra research or experimentation that I hadn’t prepared for previously, this worked well for me as I have in the past tried planning day by day only to have to push everything forward after choosing to work on something unplanned.  when it came to planning out what I would complete each day I made time plans to cover a few hours so I would stay on track, these helped me complete tasks that had to be done during the week and help me to figure out what should be added and taken away from my original time plan.

this strategy of working with an overall time plan and daily time plans worked effectively in enabling me to complete tasks and has kept me on track for the most part as well as allowed me to complete more tasks than I thought I would initially.

In my proposal, I stated that experimentation is crucial to developing my ideas visually I made sure to include this in my time plan and I created a wide variety of visual using different mediums that helped me to create a simplistic animation style used in my animation without these experimentations I would have had great trouble animating at all.

to make visuals that reflected my vision, I needed to research the subjects that had initially inspired my project idea, I looked into a huge range of artist and natural photography of animals, plants, and other things that make up our world, I also did primary research through walks in my local area that allowed me to experience first-hand the theme of journeys that plays a crucial role in my project and is the main why I chose to base the world created in this project of the debenture countryside along with the contrasting deserts of America.


producing the animation was harder in practice than I had expected even when I made sure to leave plenty of time to animate I still ended up finishing the final scene in the last of my project, I had somewhat expected this to have similar experience in past projects however it would have been good to have finished it earlier in the project, but I do take this as I sigh that I didn’t underestimate the amount of work I would complete this project.

the contrast between the frames I made at the start of my project in contrast to that done at the end is extremely different, when putting the animation together I had to go back over older frames and clean them up because the frames I had created first were strongly blended and messy, this pleased me because it was proof of my progress throughout this project.

Having complete freedom in this project made it harder to work towards goals as I had set them myself, this lead to planning out what to do on a day and then not completing the task at hand, this pushed me back a bit but having myself alone to reply on for this project made it easier to overcome obstacles, such as when I had to chose to scrap a scene, after completing the first part of the 3rd scene I realised it would be too time-consuming and I wouldn’t be able to make time to finish it unless it looked very scruffy so I chose to take it out of the storyline.

throughout this project, I have put a lot of work into experimenting with different mediums, when researching I have used different mediums to create work based on my findings which have helped me to produce the style used in my project.


overall this project has taught me how to structure and produce large projects from start to finish, I can be proud of the animation I created during this time and will look back on this project in future when I wish to be reminded of my achievements.



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