thinking best how to present my work is almost as important as the work itself, making sure the presentation does justice of what I have created is critical in making a successful product, DVD’s are a lesser used format for film in current years but I still would like to design a DVD box for my animation I will only have time to design thumbnails but this will be a good exercise for future projects.

I started by looking into possible cd cover designs, I was drawn to the origami style cases that had been created the simplistic style they have drew my attention, after seeing these I wanted to attempt to create something similar but I then saw a cd case with a cutout design I changed my mind, I thought of making a booklet to keep not just the DVD in but also frames from the animation and bit of information about it. I would use the cutout design on an envelope to cover the booklet.


using what I had learned when researching I sketched out a design for my booklet, I wanted to draw an interesting cover that would show through the text on the envelope and interest people to look further into the book and in turn the animation, also the delayed view of the cover in a way would mimic the feeling of being lost and adventure that is depicted in the animation.


I created a cover for the back and the front, the image on the left was made to be the front, however, there is no reason not to turn the booklet around and use the other side as the front, the adaptable nature of the booklet makes it unique and interesting compared with the plastic boxes used for most DVDs.

The finished design, for the most part, held up to my expectations, I would have liked to have the booklet professionally printed but because of time constraints I was not able to do this, I ended up sticking the printed pages onto the card and then assembling the result of this was quite messy sadly.

I faced problems when making the cutout text as I chose to use a scalpel to hand cut each letter out which make the text full of imperfections when done, I would have liked to of cut ou the cover using a laser cutter but as this was more of an experiment than anything else hand cutting it would give me the control over the design that I wouldn’t have got from laser cutting.

Although this wasn’t perfect I am happy with the result and would like to revisit the design at a later point in time to reevaluate how I go about creating the finished product.






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