Traditional animation

I chose to use traditional animation alongside digital animation in this project as a means of storytelling, without audio I must use any means I have at hand to make it clear wat is happening, animating with a light box instead of digitally is a much older way of animating, therefore, it will give it a vintage look, this is my way of showing that this scene is a flashback, all the imperfections of animating with a light box will add to the aesthetic of the entire animation and link to the map that is found in this scene, the map is a very key item in the film and having this scene match the style of the map will draw attention to the importance of the item.


I knew that animating traditionally would be harder and take longer than doing it digitally but after spending 2 full days animating I have realized that I still severely underestimated how long it would take, each frame took 10-15 minutes to draw and on mistake would be impossible to rub out completely, the main problem  I have with animating like this is that it simply that I don’t have nearly enough experience, in the past I have done plenty of digital animation and in theory it’s not that different but in practice it’s quite different,  after animating two or so shots I am unsure if I will continue with this idea and I might end up cutting the scene altogether unless I finish the digital part of the animation early.

If time wasn’t an object then I would defiantly put more time into this scene as the result was very positive, I think it would have really made my animation much higher quality, as I said before, I wanted to do animation with a lightbox to distinguish between the flashback and the rest of the animation.

One of the ideas I would have liked to have done more with if I had more time would be to colour these frames with paint to make them similar to the rest of the animation while still being different enough to stand out, I got this idea from the film that Loving VanGogh that is currently being created, It’s a tribute to the artist Van Gogh who primarily worked in oil paint and because of this the film is being animated frame by frame in oil paintings.

It’s the first fully painted feature film this fact alone is inspiring but the quality of the art is astounding, I would have like to produce something similar yet much similar for the flashback but painting each frame would be much more time-consuming than drawing it out with pencils as I had first planned.



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