The Reward

The Reward is an animated series created by a small animation company called Sun Creatures, each animation they have made relate to each other through the world which it’s based and the hunt for treasure the character and plot changes each time to show different places in the world.Untitled

this animation has inspired my work since I fist saw it a few years ago, the exaggerated movements and style of the animation is fun and makes the story interesting and different alongside other animation I had seen before from well-funded companies such as Disney and cartoon network. this animation made me realize the possibilities that animation has even when done by a small group of people or even one person alone.

my project is strongly based on the story told in this animation, since watching it I have wanted to use the animation medium to tell a story of adventure, this animation has a lot in common with Avatar the Last Air Bender both have their story based in a different world with inspiration from different parts of our world. this is something that is done often and it is hard to find a fiction series that doesn’t do this but these two animations share a very similar aesthetic which relates to adventure and journeys.


The use of colour in this animation is something I had completely overlooked until planning out my use of colour in my animation,  each frame in The Reward is very particularly planned to convey and emotion and the colouring plays a big part in this at the start everything is a grey-brown colour which shows how bored the protagonists are but as they start to travel the animation gets lighter and brighter to show  how they feel about exploring the world they live in, this use of colour stays true throughout the entire story and is best shown in the last scene whee they have found that the map took them to nothing the colours are dark and cold until they accept what they have achieved as the reward and the colours turn bright.




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