Unit 9 Evaluation

This project has been very useful to me to learn more about how to present myself as a brand as well as an artist, the skills I’ve learned will be useful later in life when applying for universities and jobs.

my progression target at the start of this project was to make a portfolio which I have achieved, although it will change with time as I create new work but having the wix account ready with some of my work on it already is a good base for working on later rather than starting from nothing when I star applying to university. one of the things I realized when I was asked to make a portfolio was that I don’t often end up finishing work I usually start pictures or make thumbnails and then end up leaving them, this was a problem and I ended up having to create new images specifically for my portfolio after this I have made the choice to create 1 new piece of work every week so that I have gain experience and create work for my portfolio.

making a personal logo wasn’t a difficult task as I had previously designed a logo but I hadn’t used it to create business cards or any other branding for myself revamping the design and using the stamp as a format to make the logo match my personal style was the logical step, this logo and the business cards have given me an opportunity to present myself  professionally.

At the start of this project, I evaluated how I wanted to progress using the character matrix


create detailed time plans and stick to them, including working on days outside of college.

For my fmp I created an extensive time plan which for the most part I have kept up to date on, although I haven’t worked outside of college every week I have done more work on the weekends then I have done in previous projects which is a good step in the right direction


choose where I would like to study and what exactly I want to do

Before this project I wanted to attend CalArts but I wasn’t sure about it and I hadn’t looked at other options in detail, but after doing the university task I have more insight into my options and after going to the pca university workshops I have a much clearer idea of what I want to do, and I know I want to attend CalArts for character animation but if tuition is scrapped in the UK I will also consider the painting drawing and printmaking course at Plymouth college of art


learn to take critiques of my work better and use them to improve my skill.

I haven’t had a chance to get my work critiqued


Explore different art forms outside of my comfort zone and, spend time to finish piece of art instead of leaving them half-done

through making my portfolio I have made plans to finish more pieces and have created lots of finished work so this has also been a success,


through this project I have managed to complete almost all of my targets, the things I have learned during this project has been helpful in doing my fmp and I will continue to update my portfolio which I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t done this project.


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