Mono prints

During a printing workshop, I attended as part of unit 9 I chose to create work related to my final major project, I took part in a workshop by doing mono printing and then using a stamp of the word “journey” to in a way brand my pieces, I wanted to create some abstract looking more fluid pieces which is what I managed to achieve, the images below are the first and last ones I made during the time in the workshop and the contrasts is staggering, at I got used to the medium I learnt to use less colour and detail to create a more effective image never the less the like both these pictures for different reasons.

I wanted to convey the feeling of being lost through these images so I worked in lots of messy lines to build up layers of colour, in this image below I placed the stamp hidden within the tree which makes the image look mysterious, neither the character nor the text is easy to see.


Tracy Emin uses mono prints to create expressive illustrations what reflect her mood, this picture of a bird is leaning as if it ready to fly off the image though static still show how the animal moves and acts I think this is a greater example of how art can capture a moment or feeling in a totally personal and yet universal language.



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