Lino printing workshop

I attended a lino printing workshop as part of my course, lino printing is something I’ve done before and enjoyed amnesty and this way a good opportunity to do more of it, I had made a plan to make lino print poster as part of this project before hand which I created during this workshop.

The workshop was taught by Aidan Sauders who is a professional printmaker, he told us about how he started up by traveling around the country selling his lino prints which then lead to his career.  his work is highly expressive and links back to the style of 20s-30s packaging with the distinct colors and style, particularly of the text style used.product_image

I had previously created a few designs that I ended up adapting to create the finished print, I have to think about how I would use each layer of color to create an intricate image without confusing the design, It was hard to predict how It would turn out with my limited experience so I created multiple versions of the first layer so when I went on the working on the second if it didn’t work out right the first time I would still have another shot, I learnt to forward think with my lino printing like this due to the fact that when I created my first linocut it ended up not looking howI wanted but I hadn’t created multiple copies of the first layer so I wasn’t able to redo it.

wp-image--1451537074although I have previous experience with lino printing I have only used 1 layer of color in the past like a stamp, in this workshop I had to use layers of colour to create an image, this was more difficult but gave a much more interesting finished piece, I chose the blue and the yellow as the contrast is striking and the colours although quite different make a natural look.


something that inspired this design was the book seasons which was illustrated by Blexbolex who is a French artist who works with a mix of different mediums but his prints are my favorite of his work. he works with rough textures which work with clean-cut outlines of shapes that stand out in around the hand made the style of his work. he uses colours softly blended together and then usually adds a colour of drastic contrast that stands out in the image.



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