Animation work review

whenI started animating I chose to use a brush that blends when used, this was not a good decision using this brush made the animation look very inconsistent from one frame to the next as I wasn’t able to make each layer have the same amount of blending.

you can clearly see the problems with this bush when you look at this frame I drew in one of my first scenes, as I got used to animating my lines became much tidier but at the start everything was quite messy if I have time at the end of animating I would like to go back and make these early frames cleaner so as it matches the work I’ve done later on.004

as I got more experienced with animating I switched to a different brush that didn’t blend, I found this made a much more professional looking image and I continued to use this after that, this made animating after as well as nicer looking. 007


through this project so far my use of colour had drastically improved. I had wanted to use colour as part of my storytelling in lieu of having audio to tell the story, the idea was to slowly change the colour pallet from yellow to blue, this would reflect how they more from one place to another that is drastically different, this would also show how they feel more dreary and “blue” as they fail to find what they set out to find. the colours will change as they complete their quest at the end of the story to brights yellw to reflect how they felt at the star of the quest.story colour

so far I have completed

scene 1 shots 1,2&3

scene 2 shot 1

scene 3 shot 1

scene 4 shot 1&2

animation always takes longer than I expect it to and this project is no exception, I am still on target to finish on time but I will need to work hard on weekends to make sure I’m not rushed ar the end of the project.

the scene that I am hoping to finish as soon as possible is the flashback scenes 3, which I have been working on using a light box, pencils, and paper but I am still unsure as to how I will be finishing this scene, I wish to paint over each frame with either gouache or acrylic paint to make it still match the rest of the animation while still looking different enough to make it easy to tell that it’s a flashback. but this would take more time than I think I have, however, if I do end up with enough time then I will go back to this idea.


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