Avatar the last air bender



my main inspirations come from ‘avatar the last air bender’ which was one of the shows that really inspired me as a child, the series was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, Michael D DiMartino was the main writer for the show and Bryan Konietzko although he did work on writing he worked mainly in the visual part of the show.

Bryan Konietzko’s style is more detailed than that of the show, you can see this in his more recent work that he’s created post-avatar.

In this piece the lines are soft and dark like charcoal, he’s worked in many layers using a simple brush to create a picture with a lot of depth without over complicating it with an extended colour pallet, even though this is a digital image it stand out with a strong sense to rough texture similar to that of and oil painting.


He has also created more simplistic piece but not to the likeness of his work on avatar, this landscape shows how he uses various styles to his advantage to create a complete aesthetic of mood, unlike the image above this picture has clean smooth lines which s to the calm sense of the picture, the colours are minimal in this image but it is done in a different way than in the image above, he uses a pale yellow and blue, two contrasting colours, to create and eye-catching landscape that naturally draws you eye to the center of the image where the sun is disappearing behind the clouds.


His style changes a lot, in this example of his work he has chosen to draw in a cartoon style much the same as the animation in avatar, he uses thick black line around everything which I can’t say adds anything to the picture except making the colours of the trees look washed out instead of realistic, these black outlines are often used to draw attention to parts of an image which is what they are used for here as the backgrounds plants are not outlined, however this makes the image unbalanced as the detail that is on the leaves and trunk of the tree et s lost, I prefer his work done in other styles to this but that’s just my preference.



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