Logo and bussiness cards

when making my logo I started by simply sketching out my name, different ways of writing it, in the past I had designed a logo for myself with my initials sharing a line through them and I wanted to ply with this idea more so I sketched out different was to doing this aswell.


I had two different design by the end, one was a stamp-like design with my initials and the other was my first name written close together, I thought the stamp design would give me more opportunity to experiment so I chose it over the other design.


After doing a lino printing workshop I got inspired to make a stamp of my logo which I could use for my business cards as well as other things in the future, this would mean each of my business cards would be uniform but unique as well which would make them more personal and interesting and well likely to be thrown away.

When I fist designed the business cards I had planned to print out the backs of them so they would still look professional, I experimented with this on the first few but after consulting with y peers I chose to handwrite the backs of them,  although this is much more time consuming, it maches my other all style as an artists and a person much better than clean printed test so I don’t mind spending a bit extra time to make the given look.

another why of designing the back of the cards would be to write it out on a typewriter, this would still match my aesthetic and look gorgeous with the front of the cards, as of this point I have only made a few business cards and when I creat more I will definitely experiment with this as well.


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