Creative cv


The layout of this cv is very different to how they normally look, the center of the cv is filled with illustration which shows at a glance what skills the person has, although this cv isn’t texted heavy they get all the information that is needed through carefully thought out design, the hierarchy of the text is an important design aspect of this cv cause it draws your eye to different parts of the page.


This cv is interesting to me because of the way she shares information about her skills, I like how it’s displayed in charts which have been designed to add an illustrative look to the cv, they aren’t just practical but they also decorate the page.

I also like how she used a range of fonts as decoration instead of adding illustrations like I’ve seen in other creative cvs.tumblr_mmw6hnkSwi1s5qd82o1_1280I love the hand-draw style of this cv, although it’s drawn out the text still has a heiracy to it which makes everything clear to read through the chaos,

The basic black, whtie and red colout pallet adds to the simplistic style of the cv but doesn’t make it look unprofessional, in fact, I think the limited colours make it easier to view as it is already full of exciting typefaces that decorate every inch of the page.

my cv


For my cv I wanted to use a limited colour pallet and chose to make it just coral, I used various shades to differentiate the importance of areas and decorate the cv, I use 4 different font sizes to make it easy to read and a 5th font size for the word “hello” at the top, I played around with different layout and this is what I settled on.

Making my cv stand out could make the difference between me getting a job and not, that is why it’s so essential that I put some time and work into perfecting the design and I am happy with the result, I believe this will be extremely helpful for applying for work in the future.


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