The Reward

The Reward is an animated series created by a small animation company called Sun Creatures, each animation they have made relate to each other through the world which it’s based and the hunt for treasure the character and plot changes each time to show different places in the world. this animation has inspired my work… Continue reading The Reward

Online portfolio

I created an online portfolio to display my work, I don’t usually finish pieces of work and prefer quantity to quality as I feel  I learn more from making multiple pieces rather than few nicely finished pieces, this proved to be a problem when I when looking for things to put in my portfolio, I ended up spending the… Continue reading Online portfolio

HE workshops

I attended two HE workshops to find out more about what the courses would entail, I signed up for ‘Product Design’ and ‘Painting, Drawing and Printmaking ‘ I chose these cause I took interest in the workshops they were holding rather than because I especially wanted to attend these courses my main interest is animation and… Continue reading HE workshops