Making an animation makes sense as it is, in my opinion, the best way to tell a story. you can show so much more about a character and a place through animation than you can through a still image that is why I think this will work best animated rather than the other media. I have considered the idea of making a comic as well but I am more interested in animation.

I would like to make this animation without audio I have chosen to do this as I know that audio is a very useful way to add tone and action to an animation but it only works if it is done well, having audio in the film without putting aside a week or two to make sure it flows alongside the animation is a lot of extra work that in the end might not get noticed, but not having audio might not necessarily engaging  but it will allow me to focus on how every detail on the animation looks visually and how to present a story without relying on audio. one of the toolsI can use is

one of the toolsI can use is colour, colour can often be undermined but it can affect a story in ways that many parts of animation can’t, having bright warm colours can show happiness and joy whereas dark cold ones will make it seem sad and lonely using colour in to convey emotions can be more effective than audio or expressions.

Story outline

meet Ali and maggot



plot point



scene by scene

scene 1: we start off with imagery of the landscape, cliffs, animals, plants will be shown here

shot 1 birds flying done

shot 2 clouds moving across the sky done

shot 3 animal done

scene 2: Ali and maggot run through the land, 

shot 1 they enter the shot Done

shot 2 their feet come into shot and then leave again Done

shot 3 front shot of their faces (this makes a smooth transition into the next scene)

scene 3: (flashback) hand animated (CANCELED)

shot 1 maggot and Ali staring in awe done

shot  2 and chest, Ali’s hand reaches in and grabs something old and dirty, they open it to revile a map

shot 3 they look at each other, smile and nod, done

scene 4: general shots of them traveling

shot 1 bridge done

shot 1 sleeping done

shot 3 walking, the background changed while they stay in the center Done

scene 5: they’re walking through the depth of the woods

shot 1 from far alway and above, this shows scale  Done

shot 2 Ali close up and in focus, then, focusses on Maggot, they look scared Done

shot 3 Maggot from the side, moving around looking at everything scared  Done

shot 4 shot from behind them, they look and then run Done

shot 5 first person, inside a bush, A giant rat-like animal runs past Done

shot 6 3rd person, looking straight on at maggot and Ali hiding in the bush Done

Scene 6: Arrival

shot 1 maggot and Ali climb onto a cliff Done

shot 2 first person, a tree shining with light and box twisted into a trunk Done

shot 3 ( same as 1) Ali looks starry-eyed Done

shot 4 they both run over Done

shot 5 close up of their hands pulling the chest out Done

shot 6 from behind the chest, we see them open it and they look in with starry eyes and it ends Done


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