Initial character sketches

scan-0001 (3)

scan-0001 (4)

I quickly sketched thumbnails of what my animation might look like, although I hadn’t designed the characters yet I had an idea of what they should look like aesthetically and used this to create these images.

I found this article by Pixar talking about the character design process within their company, there was loads of useful information. about how I should go about designing my characters, I found out that they start designing the characters while the script is being made and work alongside the writers to make sure the character design works with the personality the writers are portraying, I had first planned on designing the characters and then making a storyboard but after finding this out I will go back and edit their designs later after I’ve worked on the storyboard so their personality can be shown visually through their clothes and other design features.

It also mentioned that making a connection between the audience and characters is extremely important and this can be done through design as well as the story which I will keep in mind throughout this project.

tumblr_n83xo62ETb1qzmmzso1_1280 (1)

Nicolas Marlet was a great reference for how to deign characters, he not only design how they should look and what they wear but also how they move and stand which gives you a better idea of what the character acts like.

when he is designing a character he is not looking ti create a perfect piece he is just sketching out an idea of how a character could look and act. as well as exploring different parts of their personality.

Po 1 KFP

I want the clothing in this world to be a mix of sashiko and ancient greek attire loose fitting and rough but I want to mix in an element of tight fitting garments to make the clothes easy to move in. Researching these designers and looking at examples of the types of clothing I’ve had in mind brought my ideas to life and made it easier to visualize and draw the characters I want to create.

I’m also taking inspiration from high fashion and designers such as alexander wand, Tom Van der Borght, and ping wu


scan-0001 (5)



scan-0001 (6)


I created two characters for my animation, the first I nicknamed Ali and the second Maggot, I won’t have any dialogue or voice acting in my animation because I want to test my story telling skills through art alone and audio makes storytelling much easier so these names only exist to help me with storyboarding.

The design of these characters will probably change a bit when I start drawing them digitally.

The next step in to get onto a computer and experiment with colour, I know what Ali and Maggot look like as sketches on a page but it is another thing to draw out their design how they will actually look in the animation, and seeing them in colour will change how they are perceived as at this point they’re blank characters, I am excited to see how they will change once they are in colour and how that will be different from when they’re animated.



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