Going Digital

output_2hpXI6 (1)

I created this short 9 frame animation in under an hour, I wanted to see how Ali would look moving and I wanted to see if I was capable of doing a walking cycle as it is something that I will need to use in my animation multiple times.

I few things are wrong with this because I went from frame 1 to frame 2 and so on instead of doing the first and last frames first and then filling in the rest, they get smaller as the animation progresses which give the effect of them walking backward which was not my intent.

full image to edit

I had to draw out what Ali and Maggot look like in color, I did so digitally to further practice using digital software and show how they will look accurately in the animation.

I then chose to create a second test animation, this time for maggot and in full colour, learning from my mistakes in the first one I started by drawing the first and last frames and then filled in the rest, this left me with a much smoother animation even though it’s half the size of the first 4 frames instead of 9,



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