The environment that this story will be based in will be of my own design with inspiration from where I live and where I have lived in the past as well as inspiration from other sources such as Avatar and The Reward as well as pictures that inspire me throughout this project.

I created mood boards to visualize how this world will look and the aesthetic I want to convey in my animation.

In this mood board, I wanted to look at alternative homes that fit with the aesthetic of my cartoon, I want my cartoon to have less technology without being like mainstream fantasy, I wanted to focus on dark forests large open deserts this contrast will give the feeling that you have gone from one place to another which means I won’t have to make the animation long to give the effect of a long journey.

the images of houses I ended up choosing for my mood boards were almost all of a similar style, small and overgrown they looked out and ragged.

fmp mood boards (1)

I used my mood board to draw out where people in this world might live, I mixed different ideas together and experimented with how houses might be built, I wanted the houses to look easily constructed as many of the people in this world are somewhat nomadic and wouldn’t stay put for long.

scan-0001 (2)

I also created a mood board to inspire my landscapes, I was inspired by the layers of the desert mountains, they reminded me of layers of paper so I chose to make a collage using papers I had decorated with bright colours in the past as well as dried leaves, I loved the contrast between the light up tops of the mountains and the dark blue shady valleys below which I ended up playing within my collage.IMG_20170506_115947

fmp mood boards (2)

I wanted the plants in my story to be strange but still mirror out work, this meant I had to make a mood board for the vegetation in this world, I wasn’t sure what I wanted the plants to look like and doing this made it easier for my to visual what things might look like aswell as giving this world more depth that could be used in the animation.

fmp mood boards

I wanted to experiment with drawing plants in a slightly abstract way, I chose to use ink and a brush to great these simplistic abstract image of plants, I wanted to use only 3 simple colours red, yellow and green, this would keep the pictures very basic and open to interpretation, one of the reasons I wanted to make them so simple and bright was to make them look unrealistic, while also being familiar and recognisable as plants, although these drawings were loosely based on the pictures on my mood board they are not real plants and making the illustrations simple like this would make this more obvious.IMG_20170506_115935

I visited Exeter museum during break and studied some of the objects that gave me inspiration towards my project, one of the things I found interesting was this tall stone with carvings on it, although the shapes are very geometric and obviously hand carved they still resembled nature in a way, they reminded me of twisted and tangled branches and old bones.




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