the word journey is used to describe many different things, not just moving from one place to another but also emotional and spiritual journeys, journeys of self-discovery and realisation.  it’s a broad term to base a project on however, I will be researching on-theoretical journeys throughout this project and use art to explore my own travels trough art and storytelling, though this animation will be loosely based on my own experiences because I think it’s important to document the idea of a journey through the perspective of more than just one person.

the important questions for my to ask myself about this journey that I wish to illustrate are; where, who, and why, as these are the base of my story.


In a world of my own creation, based on places in our own world, I will need to research further into this while I make thumbnails and sketches as I am still unsure as to what exactly I want it to look like as of now but, I know I want to take influence from different cultures around the globe and mix and mash them together to create something different.


I want this story to be from the perspective of two travellers, showing their journey as they move through this world.


I would like to make them have some kind of goal to make their adventure have to mean and make the story have defined start and finish, my idea is to have a map found which leads to someplace unknown.


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