Making an animation makes sense as it is, in my opinion, the best way to tell a story. you can show so much more about a character and a place through animation than you can through a still image that is why I think this will work best animated rather than the other media. I have considered the… Continue reading Story

Initial character sketches

I quickly sketched thumbnails of what my animation might look like, although I hadn’t designed the characters yet I had an idea of what they should look like aesthetically and used this to create these images. I found this article by Pixar talking about the character design process within their company, there was loads of useful information.… Continue reading Initial character sketches


the word journey is used to describe many different things, not just moving from one place to another but also emotional and spiritual journeys, journeys of self-discovery and realisation.  it’s a broad term to base a project on however, I will be researching on-theoretical journeys throughout this project and use art to explore my own travels trough art and… Continue reading Journeys