Time Plan

Week 1    20 March – 26 March

  • Record day in the life
  • Mindmaps
  • Thumbnails
  • Explore ideas further

Use idea generation methods to think of possible ideas for project and explore ideas through sketches,
Could have planned time better, ended doing less than I had hoped this week.

Week 2    27 March – 1 April

  • Time plan
  • Proposal
  • Research clothing
  • Character design
  • Mood board
  • Peer mentor meeting

Work no digitally to create a stronger concept based on idea generation done in a previous week, research references to inspire concept.
I spent a lot of time working on my characters designs.
I failed to complete many of the tasks I had hoped to complete on this week, I wanted to have everything designed and ready to animate but I failed to do this and moved much of my designing and research to the next week.

Week 3   (break)  2 April – 9 April
Mood boards
Animation tests
Social media accounts
Twitter, Tumblr,
Research Nico Marlet
A.k.a. Plants, animals, overall aesthetic of the animation

Would have been good to do more animation tests during this time but I took the first steps into creating a real story and brought depth into the world I’ve been creating.
8th-9th: bristol
Record journey, including preparation travel and time, spent there
Record using sketching, photos,

Week 4  (break)  10 April – 16 April

Research local environment through sketches
Concept art,
Paint, pencil,
Primary research
Museums, galleries, wildlife

Looking around the Phoenix gallery and Exeter museum gave me a fresh look at the things that have inspired my project so far and let me see things that I could replicate in my work, I found looking at animal skulls in Exeter museum particularly helpful.
It would have been good if I had been able to finish my storyboard this week but I have edited my time plan for next week to make time to do so.

Week 5   18 April – 23 April

Project review and reflection
Finish character designs
I didn’t end up with much time to work on animating this week as I was working on personal projects, so I moved my start of animation to next week, I did manage to finalize my character design however which will prove very useful when I start animating next week, along with this I made a couple of storyboards.

Week 6   24 April – 30 April
Make lino cut

From this point on I will spend that most of my time drawing out frames, the rest of the time plan is very basic which is done on purpose.

Week 7   1 May – 7 May
Write out storyline shot by shot
Research avatar
Research The reward
Animate scene 1 shot 2

This has been my most productive week, making a very clear list of every scene I need to do was very useful in finishing my time plan and assuring that I will get everything done in time.

Week 8   15 May – 21 May

Animate scene 3 (flashback) in college using light boxes
Animate scene 4 shot 2 sleep

This week I focused on doing the flashback portion of my FMP which was not digital therefore making it take longer to animate than the rest of the scenes, I did not complete the whole scene, however, I did near-complete the first and last shots

Week 9   22 May – 28 May

Animate scene 1 shot 3
Blog about work done during HE workshops and how they relate to project, include connections to poster and Tracy Emin
Blog about project connections of animation work to artist research
Review current animation work
Lino printing workshop blog post connect to seasons book

Even with high preparation I was not able to finish all shots up to scene 4 which is what I had hoped to have done by this point which leads me to push forward the deadline for these shots, this was something I had hoped to complete over the weekend so I could work on scene 5 in the next week

Week 10   29 May – 4 June   (break)

Animate scene 5
shots 1,2,3,4,5,6
Animate scene 4 shot 3 walking
Animate scene 2 shot 2&3
Peer review
Research van Gogh film
Research the reward
Analyze traditional animation work
Use of contrast in this project

Week 11   5 June -11 June



Deadline: 12th June


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