Throughout this course so far I have experimented with a wide range of mediums and thought deeply about what I enjoy doing the most, I have tried to change my method of working for each project and tried to explore different methods of producing pieces of art, through this I have realized that I work best with a detailed time plan of the entire project, I also found that it’s important for me to produce a lot of thumbnails and visuals and explore all possible outcomes and mediums which is something I have to make time for in my time plan. I want to go back to animation as I did it for my first project and have used in somewhat in almost every project since but I have never attempted to create anything longer that a few second gif.


I want to use the contextual theme of journeys along with natural forms to create a playful and fun animation that I can look back on in the future and learn from what I do now, The idea for this came from my own experience of traveling around as a child as well as inspiration from animators that inspired me to explore art, I want to research clothing, architecture, and plants that I can use to design a different world in which I will create my animation. I would hope to create an animation at 2 minutes of length, I am unsure if this would be possible while still making enough frames to keep the animation smooth but I won’t know without trying, writing a story that will fit thing time and still be interesting and new will be a challenge, however, I am enthusiastic to take it on the task.

I want to do plenty of experimentation for this project as the majority of the work for the animation will be digital and I have done digital work a lot in the past, I want to experiment with lino printing, gouache paint, watercolors, and any other mediums I can find, I think it’s important for me to explore different mediums  to get a better idea of my project.

I will be using my blog throughout this project to plan out, research and reflect on my work as I go through different stages of work I can easily look back and edit what I have written.

the context for my project in somewhat vague, for me it is important to have the freedom to explore ideas in different ways and having the animation be base on journeys makes it easy for me to experiment with different ideas and practices.

I have created a detailed time plan which specifies everything that I will need to do during my project, I am confident that I will be able to complete everything within my time.

I know for a fact that animation always takes longer than expected and I Will for sure have trouble keeping on track but seeing as I’ve already plenty of experience animating I believe this won’t be difficult to overcome.



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