Final Major Project idea generation

scan-0001 (2)

I recorded a day in my life to use to generate ideas, I chose to look into my different thoughts and small moments that made up my day, such as the coffee I drank and the Pattern on my plate. I then went on to create two mindmaps which I used to think of ideas for my project, looking into the idea of a day in the life and how I could use this concept further, however with more though I chose to think more about a small part of my day which leads me to create a second mindmap with I used to think about not only parts of my day but how I would like to represent my ideas visually.


I ended up With three ideas I would be happy to use for my project;

the first was to create a sort of magazine or book about things that get overlooked and explore their design and look deeper into their history through illustration and design. in this zine I had wanted to play around with layouts and create a mixed media booklet that might not necessarily be useful to anyone but look visually pleasing all the same.

the second was to look back on the days that shaped me as a person and illustrate them. this one seemed the least exciting to me so I almost instantly chose to not do it. but I had wanted to experiment with paint in this project as well as printing and photography, because they would have just been images I would have had lots of time to experiment and explore mediums.

And my final idea, and my most liked one, was to create an animation about exploration, I have been making short animations for the last couple of years but I  have never attempted to create something more than a couple of seconds long and this would be a perfect opportunity to create a longer animation which is something I have wanted to do for awhile now.

Untitled presentation

I created a mood board to visualize how I would like my animation to look, for awhile I have been interested Japanese art of sashiko and that style of clothing had inspired my art style and fashion, the style of this clothing will fit into my animation nicely.

one of my inspirations might be a little strange, It’s junk yards, the way everything is thrown together in random reflects how I want the architecture to resemble in my world.

The Reward is an animation with a similar plot to that of my own, I chose to put a screenshot of this here to not only represent this animation and influence it has on my project but to represent the other animations that also follow this story such as avatar the last airbender,


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