Group research task; Green Washing


This poster is trying to tell us plastic bottles are eco-friendly as they simply have ‘less plastic’ whereas in actual fact they are harmful to the environment anyway.


“Nestlé is in hot water this week as the firm comes under the gun for resolutely continuing to bottle water in California despite the state’s historic drought. While Governor Jerry Brown has instituted restrictions on water use and Californians—ironically—are being forced to buy bottled water because their own wells are running dry, Nestlé is pumping a shockingly unknown amount out of California aquifers.”
“Our objectives
By 2015: Reduce energy consumption per tonne of product in every product category to achieve an overall reduction of 25% versus 2005.
By 2015: Achieve zero waste for disposal in 10% of our factories.
By 2020: Achieve zero waste for disposal in our sites.
With 22% of factories achieving zero waste for disposal, we surpassed our 2015 goal and are now working towards zero waste for disposal in our sites by 2020.
We exceeded our 2015 objective by reducing energy consumption per tonne of product by 29% since 2005. This ratio improved across all but one product category; this was due to significant changes in our pet litter business, including the recent internalisation of certain manufacturing processes previously done externally. However, these changes resulted in substantial environmental benefits when evaluated across the entire life cycle. Over the last decade, we also reduced our waste for disposal generated in our factories by 62% through recycling, composting and energy recover”


I created this infographic to illustrate the damage Nestle has done



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