Throughout this project, I have learnt a great deal about graphic design, a lot of the technical work I had to do in this project I was not comfortable doing at the start I feel confident doing now especially in terms of InDesign and Adobe illustrator. despite this, I would definitely like to work more with these programs so I can become more knowledgeable using them in future.

The biggest problem I found doing this project is time, this always seems to be the case but I Know I need to work on my drive as I end up not worrying about my work until I’ve run out of time, the work that I had planned to do and then ran out of time to do wasn’t critical but I do wish I had been able to design a website homepage and make the photographic sting I had wanted to create as it would have brought the whole project together. this mostly happened cause although I made time plans for a day or week at a time, I didn’t create a time plan for the project as a whole, making smaller deadlines for myself would help me to finish work ontime.

I didn’t complete enough research, I spent a lot of time experimenting with different ideas briefly, this stopped me from researching deeply into anything which proved to be a problem when it got to the last week as I realized I had plenty of sketches and ideas but not as much written work that explained my process or how I came up with my ideas, I found it hard to link any research to my work later, I was backtracking my process if I had written it down at the moment it would have been easier.

Overall this project was one of the most enjoyable, I was resistant to do so much graphic design at first as I’m not the best at doing things that have to be particular in the way graphic design is, but I found graphic design can be extremely creative even if it does have to be “perfect”.


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