Magazine Advert


After researching different environmental adverts I had the idea for a beach cleaning day that would depict a beach with a sheet of clear plastic overlapping the image which would be covered in garbage, tho would allow the viewers to remove the layer of rubbish on the Beach, this would be visually effective but I don’t have the time to create it practically.

magazine poster

I used InDesign to create a minimalist6 poster but its design was very simple and isn’t very interesting so I don’t see it being very effective in gaining volunteers for the event.

I realized I can use my claymation idea as a base for a magazine advert, using a model as the center point of a image and then work around it with typography,

mag page

The advert ended up looking playful but not too complex which works well this the rest of branding, the text would have been better being more contrasting to the picture, but this is easy on the eyes.


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