Compliment slip, Letterhead & Bussiness cards

I wanted my design throughout the whole brand to be consistent but especially on the compliment slip, letterhead and business cards. I choose to simple lookup different branding to see what I could do with my own.


I found this branding interesting due to the cut-out logo which I haven’t seen done anywhere before this.


the white clean logo works well with the more complex geometric pattern, they compliment each other well.

when I was designing my letterhead I wanted to create something that was similar to a mix of these two designs, I had the idea of having a photograph with the logo cut-out of this photo, and then other information placed next to the logo or at the bottom of the page, in practise I chose to simplify the design drastically and chose to only use the ‘black line’ design aspect to decorate the page


b&w letter head

The business cards didn’t have to be simplified in the same way as other design, it was important to design something that people would want to hold onto, having the design fun was definitely important,  I designed a front with photography and lines which when I created and printed ended up being too complex so I changed the design to just feature the logo on the front.


I choose to use photography of greenery but the image looked to complex so I chose to blur the image which was more interesting than just a plain green.scan-0001 (3)


compliment slip 4

I found the compliment slip hard to design, and I went through many different phases with it before I was happy with one, as I usually do, I had trouble keeping the design simple, but I managed to simplify it down to just black and white which would work best for common usage.


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