when I first started designing my mascot I chose to start doodling until I found something that I could work with, I thought I might create something that was simplistic and represented energy but as I worked for a while I chose to make it more illustrative.



I sketched out the mascot on paper many times to perfect and develop the design and then started working on it digitally, trying out expressions, movement and colour.



I created the mascot’s design to represent the community side of the company, but after some thought I decided that this design wouldn’t match any of the branding, so I started again learning from my mistake.


This mascot design is much more dynamic, I would still only use this mascot only in a few contexts as mascots make a company seem more playful which doesn’t fit the brand identity I’m looking to create.dshshsf

I chose to experiment with animating my mascot again, it’s an easy way to show character and movement of the character. the gif is only 8 frames and I would have liked to work on it further to make it smoother and perhaps longer, but because of time this is all iIhave bee able to achieve.




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