Arthur “Art” Clokey

Arthur “Art” Clokey was an American animator who popularized claymation, he’s best known for his character Gumby but his career started with his experiment film Gumbasia, Gumby first appeared in Howdy Doodle Show and then later got his own series; The Adventures of Gumby.

Although Art Clokey created a kids tv show his work is far from mainstream, his animations such as Gumbasia and Mandala are strange and abstract and challenge perceptions of animations as a children’s medium.

His work was not detailed and in no way “perfect” but that is the nature of clay, everything was bright and textured and weird. his work reminds me of the Don’t Hug ME I’m Scared series and I’m certain they must have taken inspiration from his work.

I would like to use my mascot to create a claymation with inspiration from his work, It could tell a story that educates or advertises about environmental issue or just shares the importance of wildlife. I created a storyboard exploring a possible idea

scan-0001 (2)


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