Brand Colours

I have gone through a lot of testing before I choose how I would like to represent SDCREN through colours, my first thought was to use their orange and green colour palette as inspiration and using green and yellow.


I liked this but I felt I’ve over used these colours in previous projects so I played around with coral but this colour doesn’t seem to have any connection to the brand and looked to playful. weytygreen

When I started testing out different textures underneath I realised that I didn’t need to choose more than one colour for my branding, one green and with what and black when needed would work fine, and seeing as a lot of the branding will be overlayed on photos having one brand colour contrast to two or three would simplify the branding and make it look cleaner.

Instances like this one where the photo is rather complex it makes it hard to read the logo, the brand colour can be used to simplify it.


After experimenting once more with colour I chose this bright green that will lighten up my brand whilst still keeping it professional, I chose green because it’s associated with nature which will help the brand to be recognised for what it is.


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