Steve Powers

steve powers also known as ESPO is a NewYork based sign painter who started his career by signing his made up word “ESPO” as graffiti, He became acclaimed during the late 1990s for his conceptual pieces as well as his role as the editor and publisher of On the Go Magazine. He continued to create graffiti until 2000 when he became a full-time studio artist, ws_hwy


Steve powers isn’t afraid of using bright colours in his work which sets him aside from graphic design, some of his work is simplistic and uses few colours, his work is dynamic and he always takes inspiration from the area his working in, when he decorated this parking complex in new jersey he had many conversations which local people and used a mix of the stories they told him and his own witty pickup lines to decorate the building. even the font he used fo the text was taken from signs found inside the building.brooklyn-street-art-steve-espo-powers-jaime-rojo-brooklyn-01-12-web-2

His bold signs mix perfectly with the environment it’s made for as well as stands out. this mix of making something that is unique and still make sense in the context is something I need to work on in my branding of SDCREN.



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