Environmental adverts


The WWF has created some stunning environmental adverts over time, this one shares a clear message to not use more paper than is needed, the advert is very illustrative in showing how using more paper than needed is a waste and is killing wildlife in the process. the advert doesn’t need loads of text and keeps it simple with just the words “save paper. save the planet” which is very effective in showing their message.

the logo takes a back seat the to rest of the design as it is important that this poster feels solum and a big logo would ruin the tone, this is also why the font is plain and in black instead of green which is typical for environmental adverts.


This ad is simple yet effective, showing a tree with no context until you turn the page and see it cut down.

The use of white space in this add is the main thing that makes it stand out,  have the page be filled by this tree and then its absence is unsettling which is what makes it so effective. the only thing on the second page is the tree stump and the logo which is placed out of the way (much like in the WWF poster) so that it doesn’t take away from the message.


3be6e5f69dcf034216e3c4eb7c6c2fe1 This advert isn’t as dynamic as the others but its design is none the less interesting, keeping the whole age dark with this photography and then having only a small portion of the ad being information is effective and makes you think about how you’re treating the planet, the recurring theme in all of these ads is to guilt people into taking action, which probably not what I will be doing with my magazine ad but it is interesting to see this and I will take inspiration from these ads when creating my own.


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