Style-guide Research: NASA 1975

After doing a bit of research into different style guides I found nasa’s style guide for in between 1975 and 1992,  it was much more futuristic and clean than their current branding and I  found it extremely interesting.

the logo at that time was nicknamed ‘the worm’ was clean and simple, unlike their current logo which although its design is iconic and shows reference to their older designs, I think it was a step back,

this page below shows the exact size which the logo can be shown in, it states “reductions and enlargements will alter the character of the typography”

The brand’s colours are very minimal, they style guide only presents 2 colour swatches.




The style guide clearly shows each typeface on its own age with an introduction explaining how why and when it should be used. going into detail about what weight each typeface should be used in.


the style guide also contained examples of vehicles and apparel.





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