Final Logo Design


I created 3 designs for each of my chosen brands, after much thought I have chosen to work with SDCREN as their current branding is the worst I’ve seen out of the different brands and it gives me the chance to have complete creativity with the project.


Although both the block and negative version look fine and both can be used, the negative version looks more unique and has more possibility to get creative with.

Because this logo is not extremely illustrative I have the opportunity to overlap it onto different textures and backgrounds without it looking too complex which is what I tested out when I made this stencil which would make it easy to see how the logo would look on different backgrounds,

The main problem with this stencil is that the logo design isn’t finished yet and I had to make it based off my current designs, this is what lead the “C” to look deformed but it made me realise I have to make sure every letter is readable as well as matches the design.



I drew out alternative designs for some of the letters

Alternative R design

Either version of the R looks fine however, this version is more unique and helps the design to stand out without complicating it so it might be a better option, I will have to experiment further.

Alternative E design

I won’t be using this design as it makes it more troubling to read when placed next to the other letters, and looks too blocky and industrial.

Alternative N design

Moving the crossed line of the N in from the edges makes it easier to recognize easily as the letter it is.

Alternative C design

After experimenting with the stencil I have realized the C is hard to read, it looks similar to a O or Q , but changing the design slightly like this makes it much more clear.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 15.28.58

When I had finished the design process I went about trying to figure out the best was to create it digitally, my first attempt was purely tracing the scanned in image using InDesign, this produced messy lines and I had to go back and change my method,

I ended up simply writing out the initials using Helvetica and then cropping the letters to the right size and slightly editing the letters the match my design.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 14.43.07



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