Brand Analysis

I am still unsure as to which of the chosen brands I would like to redesign, so I have chosen to analyze three of the brands which will hopefully help me to decide.



  • clear branding colours which stay consistent throughout the website and logo
  • simple and recognisable logo
  • easy to navigate website


  • I don’t see how the logo graphic relates to company
  • the news section of the website is dull and doesn’t match the rest of the branding, this might just be my
  • opinion but I think it would look better with some colour

361 energy logo designsscreen-shot-2017-02-08-at-11-43-31

the connection between the 3 and the 6 seemed pretty obvious when I started playing around with writing out the numbers, I thought I might keep the current branding colours for this design but I would have to decide later after experimenting more. I did also great a quick deign with a trasnparent 3 but this design wouldn’t work well in monochrome.




  • logo (in some way) relates to the company
  • the colours they have used in their branding, yellow, green and blue, would work well if the design was better
  • font used for body text is clear and legible


  • logo is very complex
  • logo doesn’t look good in high contrast,


  • the website is very bland, it would do better with more colour and some clear and big photography or illustrations
  • the images chosen to display our strange and don’t seem to make sense, this logo would be better placed at the top of the page.screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-10-28-50

Transition Tavistock logo designsimg_20170207_151559

Making a new logo for Transition Tavistock would not be pretty straight forward as the connection between the two Ts can be played with a lot. I tried making a logo that fitted them together almost like a puzzle.

after looking at the book ‘loslogos’ I was inspired by some of the designs and wanted to try something similar for one of my logo designs.


South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network


  • font used for body text is clear and legible


  • terrible long and forgettable name
  • no logo
  • bad navigation, website layout changes depending on which page you’re on
  • bright orange and lime green was and badly thought out choice
  • the grey background is dull
  • the font used for the header doesn’t match renewable energy
  • no consistency

SDCREN logo designs

one of the things I found challenging about this is how long the name is, it’s hard to create a logo that isn’t too complex and still connects to the company. I believe it would be best to have a purely typographic logo any illustrations might complicate it too much.





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