What sustainability means to me

What sustainability means to me is to be thinking of how we use things in a way that will make them last and to think of the future in everything we do, to think of the impact when buying and throwing away food,  clothes, and other objects and to remember that making a change now, small or big, can transform our future for the better.

one of the things that is easily forgotten when talking about sustainability is how damaging making clothes is to the environment, this infographic shows just how harmful it is. after seeing that 99% of clothing is recyclable I was curious about the percentage of clothing that is recycled, I found an article saying that only 15% of textiles in America get donated or recycled.

the textile industry is often ignored but this shows how everything in our lives need to be considered when thinking about sustainability.



this project focusses on environmental sustainability in the form of rebranding local environmentally friendly businesses,


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