Branding myself


the strongest defining attributes to myself are as follows:

  • artistic
  • outgoing
  • tired
  • self-reliant
  • creative

unique selling point

my unique selling point is how relatable I make my work, using normal situations as selling points for my work to make art seem personal, almost giving the illusion that people know me.

my work has always been unpolished and messy, which could have been a disaster but people identified with that, especially teens and young adults, people my age who go through the same experiences as me.



  • incredibly floored, which makes me easily relatable.
  • driven
  • confident


  • I find it almost impossible to critic myself
  • bored easily
  • stubborn
  • unprofessional

ideas screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-15-53-09

you can see from my blog layout and style, it’s not professional, this in some ways was a usp and in some ways, just laziness, it’s not a polished or perfect, I created a gif to act as a header or icon which play at the side, this character is vaguely based on me and although it’s simple and badly animated it existence works as a welcome for people and sets the tone for my whole blog by showing I’m nonserious, this is backed up by the facts that my description box only contains the words ‘cool kid’.development

I’ve been using this design for my blog for awhile now, and I would like to keep the casual style but make it more professional looking.


throughout all my social media I tried to keep a similar theme, using a dark green and a bright mustard yellow for almost all my branding and in my work, but this is the only thing my social media has in common.

it would be better if I kept a theme throughout my different social media as well as a logo or icon. I drew up some different designs based on my name,

Making a clean and simple logo like this would really help with making my blog to look more professional.

final designs




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