Starting this project I had wanted to create something that would not only be captivating for children aged 2-8 but to myself at that age, I think I have achieved that, even though this piece is far from perfect.

I wanted to make my page informational to teach children about wildlife in devon but because of a lack planning I was only left with time to put the names of the plants in this work, I had also hoped to have put a wide range of plants, animals and other wildlife for each area of devon I explored in these pages however due to time, I was unable to achieve this. Working for a clear target audience in this project was different than how I have worked previously, every design choice I made had to be thought out and analyzed because of this, it was important to make something that was visually appealing for children which is why I found it extremely helpful to communicate with my 8yearold sister whenever possible throughout this project.

One of the things I am happy with about this piece is how it looks as I imagined, it has a crafty scrapbook style without being messy. because I chose to put it together and then scanned it in some of the pieces have shadows around them which I believe adds a lot to the picture and makes it look as if it was taken straight out of a scrapbook. this aesthetic is aided by the mixed media which I chose to use, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take my own photographs as I had planned to, the only picture of my own I ended up using was the image of Dartmoor which I had taken previously to this project, but if I was able to have more time on this project I would definitely like to revisit this and take my own photos.

This project pushed me to use photoshop and indesign which is something I’ve been uncomfortable doing in the past. however, I found both programs not as difficult to use as I had expected. I am much more confident using these in the future.

When I started this project I was distracted and uninspired, working around people was good for bouncing ideas off each other but after deciding on my idea I found it distracting to work around people and I got a lot more done once I sat alone or when I worked at home, I will have to remember this in the future as I felt rushed at the end of this project when I had been wasting time at the start of the project, this is also partly because of poor planning.

Communication was very important in this project. when I had to get children at psca to answer questions in my survey I ran into trouble getting clear answers which I needed for my research which led me to changing my questions.

On the whole, this project could have gone better if I had more time, but I am content with the result.


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