Infographic research

Timm Kekeritz: Water footprint posteraguavirtual

This infographic clearly and simply shows the water footprint of 500grams of different foods,  the amount of water is not only shown in numbers but is represented in water drops as well which give a clear example of the contrast in how much water is taken to produce these foods, I believe this is a very effective poster.aguavirtual

Nicholas Felton: The Feltron Annual Report012x

Nicholas Felton has been creating self-tracking reports based on his use of different applications, this is a clear and neat visual of everything that happened in one year. everything is easy to understand and the use of colour helps defines each event, I love how simply he lays out complex data.032x

Ryan MacEachern: Design x Food


Ryan MacEachern created infographics using photography, the plain backgrounds in his photos make the images clean and simple looking whilst keeping his infographics interesting, I like how he used mixed media to create these pieces, it’s very effective. 4e1d208859589-560c60de21506

Aileen Lord: The World As 100 People


Aileen Lord’s infographics in The World As 100 People are some of my favourite illustrations, each page in the book is thought out in detail, and easily show statistics that would seem complex without her skill, each statistic is visualised in a different way which matches what its about but each of them make sense and show all the information clearly. peeps_coastal

Matt Stiles: How Common is Your Birthday?screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-11-21-07

This basic infographic by Matt Stiles shows, using bright colours, which birthdays are the most common without the need for the exact numbers.


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