style influences

a-mudWhen creating the first draft of my double page spread I was taking inspiration from John Burningham’s work, especially his illustrations in the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ i like how he used drastically different colour pallets in each place the family traveled through to give a sense of depth to the adventure they are going on, you can see this clearly in the contrast between the muddy bog and the field of grass. not only is the mud a dark grey colour but the sky and plants around the picture also have a grey moody look to them, which gives the whole picture a totally different feel to that of where they are running through a bright field with flowers all around them.

this is a trick I want to use to make it clear that each of the four areas I will be illustration all stand out to each other, as one of the main factors I will be exploring my work is the diversity of the landscape in devon.


The other artist I’ve looked into for this project were picked out by my 8-year-old sister, as I knew she would have a better clue about what’s good for her age group. interestingly enough, I found that her favourite story books all shared similar styles.

In fact, out of the three books she chose for me, all of them were done using watercolours and a small amount of black ink for outlines and details, which is what I had always planned to do for this piece.






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