Target audience

I had thought this trip would prove to be helpful in showing me what details in my work should be changed and what was effective, although I found that the children were more interested in communicating in a conversation then answering exact questions which made it hard to get the information I needed for my work. However, I did find out that they liked what I was doing and they gave me some useful advice which I will use going forward in my work.

In hindsight I could have tried harder to get my questions answered however doing so might have stopped the natural flow of conversation which is definitely important when talking to children to make them feel comfortable.

Despite my trouble getting exact information out of the children I talked to, I was abe to collect some very helpful data which then could be used to create some infographics which can be seen below.


From this question I found that most of the children responded to colour over most things, also that they didn’t care to read my page from left to right as one might do with a story, which was helpful to know as I had hoped my picture would have such  an effect as I wanted for children to explore the page in their own order and

As I had expected, most of the children were interested in seeing characters that looked like

I was surprised that most of the children didn’t care whether the colours wee bright or not seeing as they were all so attracted to the bright yellow, but I could understand why they might not have thought about it like that.have-you-ever-been-to-any-of-these-places

I had expected most of the children to have been to all these places, I found that all had been to the beach and the city, which made sense, but not everyone could recall going to a forest or Dartmoor, it might have been how I phrased the question but I was surprised none the less.


This was the most important question, I wasn’t surprised that most of the children couldn’t recognise the wildlife photos I had on my pictures, but the point of my piece is to educate children on what they could find locally.


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