okido plan

creating a double page spread based off a journey is a very open task, I could take it in any direction but, I want to create something that would have captivated me as a child,


I created a mind map to lay out my different ideas, I have always loved nature and exploring which makes me want to make something with a journey exploring a place.


When illustrating stories for children I believe it’s less important to create a narrative as it is to make things that they can explore on their own and find their own meaning, especially seeing as children aged 2-8 can’t all read, this is why  I would like to make something that they can find just as much interest in without needing to read, this isimg_20170113_090002
why I would like to have a more open plan to this double page spread rather than a comic style layout. I would also like to creative a story that doesn’t go from point A to point B as in my experience with children, this is not how they process information.

I know I would l like to create an open plan story of following the journey of a character from one place to another, I would like to make this piece based in devon as I know it well, I would like to show different parts of devon such as the moors fields and beaches, devon has a diverse landscape which makes it perfect for a project such as this.


I created a time plan so as to keep on track with this project.


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