characters and style

I am hoping to use different mediums in one picture to give it a scrapbook style, probably with photography and watercolour used for the majority of the work, I’m not sure if I will put the image together digitally or physically, I will have to test out both methods before I know for sure which will work best.

As devon and especially Plymouth is getting more diverse as time goes on, I would like to represent this in my work, to show relatable characters for young people as well as normalising marginalised groups. I feel it is very important to portray diversity in all the work I do as to not represent people is cruel and unrealistic. exploring the different parts of devon and maybe informing the reader of what they are doing and where they are.


I would like to use a simple style for these characters, something very childlike cartoon-like, I will take inspiration from ‘The magic roundabout’  which even though it was a stop-motion animation cartoon its style is very unique and can easily be used in other formats,

they made their characters have large heads with small eyes pushed into the middle of their faces which made them look very child-like, which is something I plan on doing.

I like how in this style all the characters have oversized trainers on and I might consider using this in my style for this pieceimg_20170113_114234_280.

I wanted to test out the style and a method of working so I made a small illustration,

I first drew out the characters in pencil, I then erased these lines so they were faded and wouldn’t be noticeable under the watercolour which I used next and then I tested out a few different ways of making the outlines, such as fine lines, pen and ink, and a brush pen, I found pen and ink to work well as I had the most control over how I wanted to make the lines look, the last thing I did was add details with a watercolour pencil, this added a little more texture to the image.



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