Space Shoes progress

scan-0001-8week 1

The first thing we did  in our team was brainstorm using a mind map, this allowed us to think out all the possibilities before we settled on our idea. We thought about plenty of different concepts and looked at all the possibilities, in the end, we chose to do a space themed platform game.

nes_super_mario_brosI then went on to start sketching out what aspects of the game might look like, the protagonist, platforms, space ships, shoes. this helped me to visualise the game.

from the start we wanted to make a game that was fun and easy that anyone could enjoy, we took inspiration from the classic mario platform games when thinking up how our game might look, as this was a good example of how a fun and simple games can look and work.


week 2

Seeing that the shoes are an important part of the plot, I chose to start sketching out different designs of shoes, I wanted to the shoes to be trainers cause they remind be of the shoes in a space suit so I think they would fit into the game.

I had to look at lots of different references when designing the shoes, I didn’t have much experience drawing shoes before now and I wanted to make sure they stood out but also matched the style of the rest of the game which is when I looked into such artist as Sofia Davila, as well as other artists that I knew drew shoes in a style that would match the game.shoe-design

I started designing what the game might look like in more detail, as well as perfecting the character design.

I wanted to make her design very simple, I wanted something that I could easily draw 0ver and over again and it still look the same,  I also wanted to get the basics of a space suit without making it to complicated to draw and memorize this is how I came up with the circles on her chest as well as the tube attached to one of these circles, I had planned on giving her an oxygen tank but it chose not to keep it then I got to animating.

I took inspiration from one of my favourite animators, lu’ai who creates plenty of short animated gifs like this one below. one of the biggest aspects I took from his art is how he draws hands, it made it a whole lot easier if I didn’t have to draw the hands in detail in each frame.

walking with the rhythm


colour-test-1I and Josh then worked on the colour palette for the game, these colours would be used in branding as well as be the base for all the art for the game. we chose the purple when we started planning the game but then chose on a sky blue and rusty orange, we chose the orange because the game is based around mars so we thought the orange would link to that.

I did some more concept art to test how the colours would look in the context of the game, as well as different variations of the colours for different uses.erutrfdswdftime-plan

week 3

early into the third week I started playing around with construct 2 to figure out how I would build the game, learning how to use this software has been the most difficult part of this project but I don’t regret using construct 2 over a more straightforward program as I have been able to be more creative with the mechanics of the game and build it from the ground up.wfad


Before I made the finished version of my walking animation I tried animating a simpler version to test out the idea which I then used to draw out the finished thing.

When making the finished frames I chose to use the same head and just copy paste it onto each frame.

Animating always takes longer than expected, and this was no exception, I had put in the time plan that I would finish on the fourth-week but I had still hoped to be done with them by the end of the third week.


week 4

The first thing I did was finish up the animations, although they took longer to finish than I had hoped I am happy with the result, I had originally hoped to have animated not only the walking but make a jump and fall animation but as the project went on I realized this might have been too ambitious, I chose to cut down and only draw one image for jumping and one for falling. when colouring I experimented with not having an outline but I chose to keep it cause it helped the player to standout whilst also making it look cleaner.

I used the orange and blue for the socks so I could draw attention to them as I want to illustrate how she isn’t wearing shoes throughout the game, as it is the player’s goal to go collect her shoes.

I made an illustration for a poster of the game, I chose to make the image without outlines as I had experimented with it in the past and although I had chosen not to have done this in the game I thought it would match the style of the poster better than if I put big black lines around everything.qwertyui

When designing the platforms I wanted to make something that represented an asteroid but would fit into the game mechanics, I tried and tested out many different designs before settling on a very simple block design, it was both easy to draw and left me with space to play around with adding an aliens and animations to it to give the game depth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had plenty of ideas for other blocks to make but didn’t have time to work further into these.

I had huge trouble near the end of this project when I had to figure out how to code in the ending of the game, I had gone through different ways of ending it in my head,  my first idea was to have the character move forward through the mag and end up at the begging as if they had gone in a circle but because this game is collecting based I chose to make it so you started in the middle of the map and could walk around wherever you liked and collect all these cogs. because in the game you have crashed I had to make it clear that this had happened, so I drew out a broken version of the ship, then I set the ship to change to a fixed version once you have collected all the cogs, I didn’t find this straight forward to code but it ended up working well which is all that matters.

I and tom worked together to create cutscenes to give the player an idea of what they should be doing, tom worked on the backgrounds which he then sent to me to draw in the protagonist.

the last thing I did on this project , funnily enough, was created the start screen with Josh, I used Tom’s background and used the orange from the platforms to give a plain box for the logo and start text, I added the walking animation frames over the logo so the player could easily see most of what the game was about.




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